What Green-Friendly Janitor Is Using

These days, the green-friendly janitor is a fit and healthy young man. He may well be a grandfather already but such is his way of doing things. Such is his attitude about life these days. Young at heart and in the shape of his life, he also has strong feelings about the environment. He knows what a mess it’s in. And true to his own positive nature, he’s now using his newest batch of janitorial cleaning rags to clean up this messed up environment.  

janitorial cleaning rags

One of the reasons why this middle-aged gentleman is in the best shape of his life is because of those cleaning supplies he has inventoried. His basket of janitorial cleaning rags is only the beginning of his sustainable drive to clean his clients’ rooms, as well as the environment. It would be a blatant lie to suggest that this man, because of his strength and agility is hardly raising a sweat. No sweat; isn’t that what they always say in their usual sales-speak.

But if the janitor was not raising a sweat, he might not have been doing the thorough job that he set out to do. Because this is a man who always manages to reach those dark, hard to reach corners that no one else is prepared to bend over backwards for. Yes, he’ll even do that too. He’ll go down on his hands and knees, all in the interest of getting his clients’ floors to shine like a mirror and to help clean the environment.

All the materials that went into producing those cleaning rags, mops and brushes have been recycled from some of the most unlikeliest of places. Like the noxious and smelly landfill site close to town. And what this janitor is using is only the tip of the iceberg.